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Switching Versions in Steam

To minimize save game disruption, we offer several versions of GearCity. Default Build, labeled as “None” is the initial version you install on Steam. Older version of the game and a 32-bit build are available for compatibility reasons. Occasionally a “Testing” build is available in the Steam Builds system. These builds require frequent save game changes, but offer the latest features for the game.

The following are steps on how to change builds.

  1. Click “Library”. Click for Step 1 image.
  2. On the left list, select “GearCity”. (The game must be installed.) Click for Step 2 image.
  3. Right Click “GearCity” in the list. Click for Step 3 image.
  4. Select “Properties”. Click for Step 4 image.
  5. Click the “Betas” tab. Click for Step 5 image.
  6. Click the drop down button. Click for Step 6 image.
  7. Select the build you wish to play. Click for Step 7 image.
  8. Click Close.
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