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Run Game As Administrator

GearCity requires write access to the folder it is installed in. In some cases, Windows users may not have write access to the game. When this happens, undesirable results may occur. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Pop up warning message containing the following text: “Ogre::FileNotFoundException::FileNotFoundException: Cannot locate resource in resource group General. in ResourceGroupManager::openResource at… Example.
  • Game or settings does not save.
  • Game crashes when saving.

Directions on how to run the game as administrator:

To save run as administrator settings:

  • Navigate to the game folder folder. Steam: How to Access Installation Folder.
  • Right click GearCity.exe.
  • Select Properties.
  • Click the Compatibility tab.
  • Select the “Run This Program As An Administrator” option.
  • Click OK.
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