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Steam: Accessing Install Folder

If you need to access the install folder for GearCity, and you have the game installed via Steam, this is how you do it:

Click this photo for animated tutorial.
(Windows and Linux users, click the picture for an animated tutorial.)

Windows and Linux

  1. Move your mouse over “Library” in the upper menu of Steam.
  2. Click “Installed Games” from the drop-down.
  3. Find “GearCity” on the left list.
  4. Right-Click “GearCity”.
  5. Select “Properties”.
  6. Click the “Local Files” tab.
  7. Click the “Browse Local Files…” button.


Follow same steps as Windows and Linux. When you reach the end of the steps continue with:

  1. Right-Click the “” (Might be named just “GearCity”).
  2. Select Show “Package Contents”.
  3. Open the “Contents” folder.
  4. Open the “Resources” folder.

Sending the Files

If I requested you to send the log file or a save game, please follow the next steps:

My email address is

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