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Sending a Save Game

If you have a bug or another issue and I requested a save game, please follow the steps on opening the install folder.

  1. Next you will need to open the “GearCity” folder.
  2. Then open the “SaveGames” folder. The file hierarchy may look something like this: “C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\GearCity\GearCity\SaveGames”.
  3. Email your save file and another other information to

If the save game is too large to email, please compress into a zip file or any other file type before sending. For windows users, see the following tutorial on how to compress files if you need help: Zip and unzip files.

In the event that the file is still too large to email. Please either upload it to a third party host, or make an account and a thread on our official forums:

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