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Here are some common issues with your computer that you can resolve yourself!

Game Does Not Start

If you are launching the game from Steam or Galaxy, you may not get any error messages. You will need to run GearCity directly so that your operating system can tell you what went wrong.

You'll need to access the main folder. Follow these directions: How to Access Installation Folder


Follow these directions: How to Access Installation Folder

Now you need to run the program. Please double click on GearCity.exe.

If an error on your system preventing the game from loading, you should get a Windows error message popup. Please carefully read the error message. If you need to ask for help, please include the text of this error message.

Here are the most common issues and their solutions:

If the game does start and you get a black window before the game stops working, please see Game Crashes or email us the log file for help: Sending Logfile.log


Follow these directions: How to Access Installation Folder

For Linux users, open a terminal to this location. Next run ./GearCityStart

What does the terminal say? If there is a missing library, please run ldd GearCityStart to get a list of all your missing libraries. The game should ship all the needed libraries as of 2019. However, you may need to install some libraries on your system depending on how the *nix ecosystem evolves in the coming years.

The GearCity binary is rpath'd to the origin folder. So you may dump any needed libraries without installing them in the main folder.

If you run into a segment fault, please send us the log file for help: Sending Logfile.log


  • If you have extra peripherals attached to your mac, please disconnect them. This includes Steering wheels, joysticks, peddles, gamepads, etc. If your game works after disconnecting these devices, plug in each device until the game no longer starts again. If you narrow down a device that prevents the game from starting, please email me the device model so I can investigate.

If that is not the issue, follow these directions: How to Access Installation Folder

For MacOS users, follow these steps:

  1. Right-Click the “” (Might be named just “GearCity”).
  2. Select Show “Package Contents”.
  3. Open the “Contents” folder.
  4. Open the “MacOS” folder.
  5. Click on the GearCity binary file.

This action should open a terminal window, and the game should run. What does the terminal stop on? If it says a library or framework is missing, please verify your game cache. If this issue continues or if you run into a segment fault crash, please send the log file for additional help: Sending Logfile.log

Game Crashing

Windows Alt-Tab

DirectX9 renderer may lose GPU state if you do anything outside the game. This includes alt-tabbing, clicking the taskbar, surfing the internet, minimizing the game, or anything else. We recommended users with alt-tab crash issues switch to the OpenGL renderer.

32-Bit MacOS

Due to Apple's neglect and planned obsolescence of their system, the 32-bit build of GearCity on OSX is unstable. We recommended to switch to the 64-bit build if possible.

Intel HD GPUs

If you are using an Intel Video Card on Windows 8 or older. PLEASE make sure you have the latest drivers from Intel!

Older Intel GPUs have notoriously bad OEM drivers and OpenGL support. If you are running Windows 8.1 or older, please replace your OEM drivers with Intel drivers. Also, running the game in DirectX will give you a bit more stability.

Dual Laptop GPUs

Some laptops ship with two GPUs. Generally, one dedicated GPU for gaming and an Intel GPU for general usage. If your laptop has this configuration, be sure that you are running the game with your dedicated GPU. In most cases, you can do this in your driver settings. Running the game on Intel GPUs, while it may work, is generally not recommended unless you have up-to-date drivers.

Other Crashing

For any other crashing issues, please email us the log file. Please include what you were doing at the time of the crash. If the crash is reproducible, the steps we need to reproduce it.

Other Issues

Mouse does not move

Restarting the computer will resolve this issue. It has to do with the steam installer not releasing the mouse after installation.

Mouse does not show up

If you're on Windows, be sure that Mouse Pointer Trails are disabled. Beyond that, you can disable the Hardware Mouse setting to get a software-emulated mouse.

High FPS or Monitor Refresh Issues

Use the external settings editor to adjust the frame rate limiter.

Using a Different Display

Windows users use the external settings editor to select which monitor to use. Linux and OSX users, please set the primary monitor to the one you wish to use before starting the game.

Linux Reports Fonts Unreadable

Due to changes in libpango, the 32-bit version of the game may have font selection issues. You will need to downgrade libpango, remove the offending font, or switch to the 64-bit build.

64-Bit Windows OpenGL Slow Browser

Sadly, the CEF pixel format pushes our OpenGL renderer to its limits on 64-Bit Windows systems. We recommended that if you have performance issues, switch to the DirectX9 renderer. If you must use OpenGL, the 32-Bit build should perform better in this respect.

Generic Fixes

Occasionally Steam screws up downloading files. In such cases, file verification can normally catch issues. See here for instructions on how to do that.

If you attempt to uninstall the game, please note that uninstalling from Steam, Galaxy, or GOG Offline Installers do not remove user-generated files, including settings, GPU caches, saved GUIs, etc. For a truly clean reinstall of the game, please follow the steps outlined here: Clean Reinstall.

None of These Fixes My issues!

If you can't find your issue on this page, email me your log files. I'll be happy to help. I may not be able to reply right away, but I can guarantee a reply within 24 hours. Sending Logfile.log

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