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Monthly Report

The Monthly Report is the default report for the report system, and it opens automatically when you open the report system. This report is considered one of the, if not the most, important reports in the game.

The report summarizes your revenues and expenses for the last turn. It also generates a table containing data on all the vehicles you have in production or for sale.

We'll breakdown the top of the report into sections.

Section 1

Total Revenues Total Revenues is the total amount of revenues your company generated last month.
Total Expenditures Total Expenses is the amount of money you spent last month.
Cash Flow This is the difference between last month's revenues and expenses.

Section 2

Vehicle Sales Vehicle Sales are the revenues you generate from selling vehicles to dealerships through your branch distribution system.
Civilian Contracts Civilian Contracts are the revenues you made from civilian vehicle and component contracts. This value includes outsourced units you produced for other companies.
Military Contracts Military Contract is the same as Civilian Contracts, except this is specifically for revenues made from militaries.
Racing Income Racing Income is the revenue you made from operating racing teams. The more you win, the more money you’ll receive.
Chassis Revenue These are revenues from the chassis designs you have licensed out.
Engine Revenue These are revenues from the engine designs you have licensed out.
Gears Revenue These are revenues from the gearbox designs you have licensed out.
Design Revenue These are revenues from the vehicle designs you have licensed out.
Sold Assets Sold Assets contains all revenues generated from the selling of assets such as factories.
OEM Parts Revenue OEM Parts Revenue is revenues from vehicle parts sales to the vehicle repair market. These revenues come from vehicles older than three years, but younger than seven years. The game generates the value from the number of vehicles you sold, the material costs of the vehicles, and how low the vehicle dependability rating is.
Merchandise The Merchandise value is the revenues you generate from licensing your trademarks to other companies for consumer goods such as t-shirts, hats, etc. The higher your image ratings, especially your racing image, the more revenues you’ll generate here.
Bank Interest Bank Interest is the amount of money your cash funds generated sitting in a bank. The game bases the interest rate on the Global Interest Rate, and you can find more details in the Banking window.
Sold Stocks Sold Stock is the value of stocks you sold.
Dividend Revenues Dividend Revenues are the revenues you receive from dividend payments of stocks you own.

Section 3

Total Materials This value is the Total Materials costs, this is the material costs of vehicles and components you produced in your factories.
Total Factory Cost This expense is the Total Material costs plus the cost to operate the factory, labor, and the cost of any outsourced units.
Factory Cost This value is the cost of the physical factory and its production lines.
Factory Labor Factory Labor is the cost of the employees working at the factories
Outsourced Units This is the cost to purchase units from other companies to use in your production.

Section 4

Total Racing Total Racing is the amount you spent on race teams last month.
Furlough Costs Furlough Costs are the wages you pay to furloughed workers. The number of furloughed employees will decrease every month as you lay off employees. Any time you need to hire employees, they come from the furloughed pool first.

Section 5

Total RnD Cost The Total RnD Cost is the cost of your entire research efforts.
RnD Cost RnD Cost is the design cost for your models under development.
Engineer Labor Engineer Labor is the labor costs of engineers working in RnD and racing.
Research Team Costs Research Team Cost is the research development budget you’re spending to increase design skills.

Section 6

Purchased Assets Purchased Assets contains expenses for buying stocks, acquiring companies, etc.
Lobbying Costs Lobbying Costs is your lobbying budget.
Warranties Warranties contain the expenses from parts failures on vehicles three years old or newer. The game generates this value from the number of vehicles you sold, the dependability rating of the vehicle, and the unit costs of the vehicles. After 3 years, failed parts become OEM Part Revenues instead of being covered by warranties.
Construction Construction, this is the factory and branch construction costs for the month.
Loan Repayments Loan Repayments contains the payments you made to any outstanding loans.
Credit Payment Credit Payments are for any payments made to Lines of Credit.
Bond Payment Bond Payments are any bond payments you made.
Unfunded Pensions Unfunded Pensions are expenses you pay to cover shortfalls in your Pension system. If you under-fund your pension, you must pay any shortfalls when your employees retire.
Storage Costs Storage Costs are the cost to store vehicle excess inventories at your factories.
Dividend Payout Dividend Payout is the amount of money you’re paying out in dividends each month.

Section 7

Total Distribution Cost Total Distribution costs are the cost related to your Branch and Dealership networks.
Branch Costs Branch Costs are the cost of your physical branches around the world.
Distribution Labor The Distribution Labor value is the cost of your branch labor.
Total Transportation Total Transportation costs contain all the costs to ship vehicles from factories to branches.

Section 8

Total Admin Cost The Total Admin Costs are the total administrative costs for your company.
Admin Operations The Admin Operations costs are the cost of your office's services and supplies needed to run your company. The game generates these expenses based on the number of factories and branches you have open.
Admin Labor The Admin Labor is the labor costs for all your office employees.

Section 9

Total Marketing Total Marketing is your entire expenses for marketing.
Marketing Costs Marketing Costs is the budget for your marketing efforts.
Marketing Labor Marketing Labor is the amount you paid marketing employees.

Section 10

One Time Expenses One-Time Expenses cover expenses made from game events and other one-off actions.
Total Taxes Total Taxes is the amount of money you paid in taxes for the quarter. If you overpay your taxes for the fiscal year, you will get a refund for the amount overpaid.


The table contains every vehicle you're selling or producing. Each model has an entry (#11). The underlined text are links, and you can click them to go to the Selected Vehicle Sales report.

You can find the type of vehicle under the “Car Type” column (#12). The number of units you sold is in the “Sales” column (#13), and how many you produced last month is in the “Production” column (#14).

The number of vehicles you have in inventory is under the “Reserves” column (#15). If you're not producing enough vehicles or not enough vehicles are in your branch's shipping range, those missed sales show up in the “Missed Sales” column (#16).

Quarterly Report

The Quarterly report displays your revenue and expense information for your company over the last three months. It also compares these results against the same period last year and gives you the change. The table displays every vehicle you produced and sold this quarter as well.

At the top, you'll find the results for the quarter in the left-most column (#1). In the next column (#2) are your results for the same quarter last year. The “Change $” column (#3) displays the raw change amount, and the column beside that (#4) displays the percentage of change. All monetary values in the top section of this report are in millions. So 3.105 would mean $3,105,000.

The table contains every vehicle you produced or sold in the quarter. Each model has an entry in the list (#5). The number of units you produced is in the “Produced” column (#6), the number of units sold in the “Sold” column (#7). The table also contains the model's revenues (#8) and the number of units you have in inventory (#9).

Annual Report

The Annual Report is the same as the Quarterly Report, except it's for an entire year's worth of data and not three months.

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