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GearCity includes a set of tools to make modding the game easier. These tools are written in QT and can be found on our Git Hub page:

The following table is a list of the editors in the mod tools and a description of what they do.

Editor Description
Map Data ToolExports a map folder with the data needed for use in the game.
Mod Data ToolExports a mod folder with the data needed for use in the game.
Scenario Data ToolCurrently Not Implemented Exports a scenario folder with the data needed for use in the game.
City EditorEdits city stats, information, coordinates, growth rates, and starting flag/nations for a map or mod.
Components EditorEdits subcomponents, vehicle types, vehicle 3d models, and accessory 3d models. And their ratings/data. It also edits the AI use weighting for subcomponents.
Player Logo EditorEdits player logos included in the game. This requires additional artwork converted into .dds format.
Turn Events EditorThis edits events that occur in the game based on the date in the game. This includes office artwork changing, interest rates, car price inflation, gas rates, consumer purchasing rate, pension growth rate, stock growth rates, components popularity changes, car popularity changes, major city events such as war status, changes in infrastructure, or nation and flag changes. And finally major news events and images that appear in the Newspaper.
Newspaper Article EditorThis tool allows you to edit the random newspaper articles that appear in the Newspaper when there is no news.
Music EditorAdds or removes music from the game, and allows you to change what year they play.
AI EditorAllows you to edit AI companies, their names, logos, HQ, and behaviors. AI Files are specific to City Files, so you must make sure your HQ cities match what is in your Map or Mod.
Magazine Review EditorEdits the reviews that appear in the magazine. This tool includes a feature that quickly insert the needed variables for a review.
Premade Vehicle LoaderCurrently Not Implemented Yet Allows you to add more pre-designed vehicles.
Racing Series EditorThis tool allows you to add, remove, or edit racing series in the game.
Did You Know EditorEditor for the information that displays in between turns.
Localization EditorOpens your default browser onto the current URL for the translation system.
Contract information EditorCurrently Not Implemented Yet Allows you to edit requested data from contracts.
Name List EditorAllows you to edit the list of names used when randomly naming things in the game.
DDS Textures(Windows and OSX) Aorta DDS Texture program to convert your images into .dds.
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